When you’re looking for resources and information on healthy lifestyle, feminine hygiene products, natural parenting advice and family happiness tips, who do you turn to? Other moms, of course! NatraTouch was born from the idea of a group of California moms who value their family health and happiness above everything. We believed health is the biggest key reason for self-confidence, having more energy, living a longer life, having less chance of getting sick, being less stressed, and feeling mentally and emotionally happier in general. If you have just made the decision to change your life into a healthy quality life style, NatraTouch product lines are there for you to reach your healthy and happy living.

We put care and love for every NATURAL TOUCH (NatraTouch) products that we made for you!

Our Principles
Respect for your skin
Respect for nature
No animal testing
Social responsibility
Excellent refinement and quality

Our commitment to you and your customers
We stand firmly behind the value of our products. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with every Apropos brands that you purchase. This “Satisfaction Guarantee” is not just a statement – it’s a promise.
We commit to providing the best value to you and your customers.


What you say about us?


“Compostable, planet saving, guilt free!”

Adrianna T. ~ Los Angeles

“I had already purchased reusable cotton pads(the ones you can wash) before I can across this gem of a brand. I returned those and decided to try these fully COMPOSTABLE alternatives instead. I can't bear thinking about how all the pads I've used in my life aren't going to biodegrade for the next hundreds of years, if ever. A real wake up call. I don't regret it! For the price you're sorted for months as it ships with 3 boxes. Comfy as far as pantiliners can go. Only tiny minus is I found the sticky sides a little troublesomento take off, but for sure not a deal breaker. Buy these!”

“Wonderful Liners!”

Shannon M. ~ New Jersey

“I bought these for my 11 year old. They are small enough for her. The black ones are retinue for kids who don't like to see or smell the tuck. She loves their pads too!”

“Love The Organic Cotton!”

D.C. Stam ~ Portland

“This is my second order of this brand product. I am a senior citizen that uses them to stay fresh throughout the day while traveling or just on an active day. I like that they are thin but cover more area than others. I’ve tried and that they stay in place. I also like that they are constructed of quality materials, certified organic cotton, which makes disposing of them less problematic. I love traveling with these as they do not take us much space in my travel bag. I would definitely recommend this product.”